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"No Christmas Without Santa," Stupefying Stories (December 2017)*

"Inside," Hypnos (reprint, Vol 6 Issue 2, August 2017)

"Alas, Poor Lippa, We Once Knew Thee Well," Stupefying Stories Showcase (June, 2017)*

"Manifest Error," Digital Quickfic (reprint, May 2017)*

"Product Flaw," Stupefying Stories Showcase (March 2017)*

"Charity Ball," Every Day Fiction (March 5, 2017)*

"Fading Prospects," Over My Dead Body (December 2016)*

"Gauss's Invitation," Digital SF (reprint, September 2016)

"The Way Home," Digital QuickFic (reprint. July 2016)*

"The Blue Rocker," Digital Fantasy Fiction (reprint, June 2016)

"The Foulest Monster in All the World," Page & Spine (June 2016)*

"Pursuing a Doctorate at Miskatonic U," Mad Scientist Journal (May 2016)*

"Oogie Tucker's Mission," Digital Fiction Publications (reprint, March 2016)*

"For the Cause of the Saints," Ares Magazine Online (reprint, February 2016)*

"RIGHTMAN! Loses the Faith," Caped anthology, Local Hero Press (November 2015)

"Courtly Diversion," Airships & Automatons (March 2015)

"The Anniversary Gift," Stupefying Stories (March 8, 2015)

"That Goldurned Hole," The Way of the Buffalo (podcast, February 2015)*

"The Keepsake," SF Comet (January, 2015)*

"Pavlov's Final Research," Mad Scientist Journal August 2014 collection (reprint, December 2014)

"Bottoms Up," Stupefying Stories Showcase (November, 2014)*

"The Long Toss," Mad Scientist Journal (reprint, November 3, 2014)*

"Debugging Androids," Specklit (September 29, 2014)*

"Fixing Falls," Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (Issue #60, September 2014)

"Flight of Faith," Specklit (drabble, August 18, 2014)*

"Shambling Phase," Triptych Tales (July 2014)*

"Nonsense 101," Mad Scientist Journal--Winter 2014 Collection (reprint, March 2014)

"Mean Little Boy," Specklit (drabble, March 19, 2014)*

"Academic Rivalry," Specklit (drabble, March 7, 2014)*

"The Find," Specklit (drabble, February 26, 2014)*

"Temporary Glitch," Specklit (drabble, February 15, 2014)*

"Quantum Sin," Plasma Frequency (#10, February 2014)

"How to Lose the One You Love," Nature Physics (February 2014)*

"Heavenly Complaints," Specklit (drabble, January 27, 2014)*

"Making Friends," Toasted Cake (Podcast, January 2014, read by Graeme Dunlop)*

"Photographing Minnesota Pete," The Western Online (reprint, January 2014)

"A Gentle Duplicity," Metro Moms (January 2014)*

"A Day at the Beach With Mandi Sue," Specklit (drabble, January 12, 2014)*

"The Five Stages of Future Grief," Perihelion (January 2014)*

"A Helpful Rejection Letter," Specklit (drabble, January 3, 2014)*

"Granny's Time," Penumbra ("Winter" issue, January 2014)

"Oogie Tucker's Mission," Allegory (reprint, January 2014)*

"All That Doesn't Glitter," Specklit (drabble, December 22, 2013)*

"Lunch Break," Specklit (drabble, December 10, 2013)*

"Wildcatter Blues," Specklit (drabble, December 1, 2013)*

"Sean and Kitty in Love," Kasma SF (reprint, December 2013)*

"Pavlov's Final Research," Daily Science Fiction (September 23, 2013)*

"Printed Matter," Voluted Tales (reprint, August 2013)

"Packing Density," Perihelion (August 2013)

"Another Day at the Collider," Blue Shift (reprint, August 2013)

"Truth and Skitsnack in a Dark Place," Imaginaire #3 (June 2013)

"Seek Vista," Stupefying Stories Showcase #1 (June 2013)*

"Buck and the Twee Fairies of Interstate 20," Conjurings (reprint, June 2013)

"For the Love of Sin," Crimson Fog (TM Publishing, reprint, June 2013)

"Hassenlopf's Stroke," Read Short Fiction (June 2013)*

"The Way Home," Kasma SF (June 2013, reprint)*

"That Goldurned Hole," Allegory (June 2013, reprint)

"Jimbo and the Pottawatumus," Beyond Centauri (January 2013)

"Strictly Business," Quantum Realities (Vol 2 Issue 1, January 2013)

"Why Certain Things Turned Out The Way They Did," Earthbound Fiction: Dark Stars anthology (December 2012)

"Nonsense 101," Stupefying Stories (Issue 2.1, November 2012)

"The Fine Point," Mad Scientist Journal (November 2012, first text appearance)*

"Going Out With a Bang," Stupefying Stories (Issue 1.9, November 2012)

"The Way Home," Kazka (November 2012, Vol II Issue 3, reprint)*

"Gauss's Invitation," Mad Scientist Journal (August 2012, reprint)*

"That Goldurned Hole," Triangulation: Morning After anthology (July 2012)

"The Demon's Grimoire," Plasma Frequency #1 (July 2012)

"The Anubis Plague," Abyss & Apex (3rdQ, July 2012)*

"The Dead Pilot," Comets and Criminals (Issue #3, June 2012) (reprint)*

"The Conquest of Gliese 518-5B," Grand Science Fiction (May 2012)

"Judgment Day," Eschatology (January 2012)*

"The Price of Love," Earthbound Fiction: Sparks anthology (February 2012)

"Oogie Tucker's Mission," Stupefying Stories (December 2011)

"For the Love of Sin," Grantville Gazette: Universe Annex (November 2011)*

"Photographing Minnesota Pete," Comets and Criminals (Issue #2, December 2011)

"Why Barnaby Isn't Aboard the ISS Today," Mutation Press: Rocket Science anthology (Ed. by Ian Sales, April 2012)

"The Nine Billion Pixels of Samsara," Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (Issue #53, February 2012)

"The Songs of Eridani," a serialized novella, The Colored Lens (4th Q 2011 and 1st Q 2012)

"Manifest Error," Kasma SF (30 May 2011)*

     Audio version was featured on Paul Cole's "Beam Me Up" show on WRFR-LP radio.*

"Sean and Kitty in Love," Flagship (Issue #6, July 2011)

"The Long Toss," Science In My Fiction (25 April 2011)*

"On the Train to Cairo," Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (Issue #53, Feb 2012)

"Pity," Open Magazine (Issue #1, March 2011)

"Firing Squad," Flash Fiction Online (December 2010)*

"A Courtly Diversion," Aoife's Kiss (Vol. X No. 3, December 2011)

"Another Day at the Collider," New Myths (Issue 14, March 2011)*

"Color My World," Everyday Weirdness (July 4th, 2010)

"The Apocalypse Hits Moose Fork," Drabblecast #172 (July 2010, audio format)*

"Leaving Town," Kasma SF (Issue 1.75, September 2010)*

"You Can Get Anything You Want at Simon's Place," Basement Stories (July 2010)

"Sm@ll But Obvious Differences," Brain Harvest (January 31, 2010)*

"The Machine Whisperer," Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (Issue #47, September 2010)

"Gauss's Invitation," War of the Worlds: Frontlines anthology (2010, Northern Frights Publications, Ed. by J. Schnarr)

"The Cats Who Tried to be Dogs," Stories That Lift (November 2009)

"Inside," Dark Recesses (September 2009)

"For The Cause Of The Saints," Abyss & Apex (#36, 4th Q 2010)

"Buck and the Twee Fairies of Interstate 20," Editor Unleashed/Smashwords Flash Fiction 40 anthology (July 2009)

"Little Angel," Raving Dove (Summer 2008, Issue #13) -- nominated for a Pushcart Prize!*

"The Way Home," Allegory, Vol 6/33 (May 2008)

"Printed Matter," Satirica anthology (2008, Cowboy Logic Press, Ed. by Roy Dudgeon)

"'Til Death Do Us," Atomjack #9 (February 2008)

"The Fine Point," Drabblecast #45 (January 2008, audio format)*

"Scammed," AlienSkin Magazine, Vol. VI No. 3 (December 2007)

"The Dead Pilot," Lunch Hour Stories, Issue 22 (April 2008) -- nominated for a Pushcart Prize!

"The Blue Rocker," Fictitious Force, Issue #4 (Spring 2007)

"Mrs. Schrödinger's Cat," Jim Baen's Universe, Vol. 2 No. 2 (August 2007)

"Moving On," The Late Late Show (May 2007)


"How Far Away Is Heaven?," Perihelion (non-fic, March 2016)*

Interview with Jaime A. Giraldi, White Cat Publications (July 2013)

Guest blog and Q&A with Dianna Gunn, Penumbra (January 2014)


Gary Cuba lives in a rural area of South Carolina with his wife and a horde of freeloading domestic critters. He began writing fiction in 2006. He is likely to continue in that endeavor until confronted by an angry mob wielding torches and pitchforks demanding otherwise.

Contact: cubagw (at) usit (dot) net

Critical comments and suggestions are welcome and will be given the full consideration they deserve.

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