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Another Piece of the Puzzle

The water's turning muddy; the air is getting wet.

The fire's growing hotter in the coals.

The ground is changing color, it's turning crimson red,

But the wheel -- it's still spinning gold.


There's a ring for the defender, and a pair of deuces wild;

And a triple play is in the wind.

But four is the number -- I've heard it said before:

It's a perfect harmony.

Another piece of the puzzle, how I long for it to fit;

You know, my whole life has been a maze.

Another piece of the puzzle, they don't ever seem to fit;

Won't you tell me:  Is this the way?

The Sun is the Father; the Moon is Mother dear,

And all the Planets, drifting far and wide.

I'm a child of fortune, dangling on the vine;

Won't you help me keep the time?


Pieces of a Puzzle (MP3)


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Pieces of a Puzzle is Copyright Come Friday by Cuba, Stansill, Field.  This was done about 1986.



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