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Favorite Links

Jim Baen's Universe

APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA)

South Pointing Chariots


The Traveling Saleman Problem

Cursor.org -- News 4 months before you read about it in the newspaper!

Bob's Rock Shop (Incredible content, this is truly "Rock Central")

Hatteras Realty (book early!)

Belgian Shepherd links


Underground Comix Hub (Zonker Harris' site)

Movie Mistakes

Movie Spoilers

Game Cheats & Hints

US Gov't CPI calculator

Universal currency calculator

Free animal icons

Great books on CD

Stephen Wolfram's Mathworld

Fractint users site -- best freeware of all for fractal explorations

The FLW Ennis-Brown House


A Good Online Dictionary (pulls in Webster's 1913 Edition)

The Free Dictionary

Amnesty International

Woz's Site -- My hero!

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

Everything you need to know about microbiology!

Online Units Conversion

Online Etymology Dictionary

Amazing Cat Collection

Snopes.com -- Urban Legends & Email Hoaxes Reference Page

Gullible.info -- Daily Sass, Pap and Trivia






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