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Stock Certificates

In Search of the Perfect Vignette...

We've collected stock & bond certificates off and on since about 2001. Mostly we procure them through eBaytm or via private collectors, both domestic and foreign. These documents may be cancelled (transferred or cashed-out), "specimen" printings for approval by the issuing companies, certificates that were never issued, or issued but uncancelled certificates from companies that went belly-up. There are many thousands of different issues.

This collecting medium falls under the more general category of "scripophily", and it only got started in the 1970's in Europe. It is becoming quite popular here in America over the last few years -- judging from the escalation of prices paid for the issues.

We collect these articles because of the beautiful intaglio printed artwork seen in their decorative border scrollwork and central vignettes -- the engraved pictures that appear on most of the certificates. In particular, we love the ones that show allegorical figures: ancient gods or goddesses in various poses and aspects. We do have our favorites...

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