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A Cabmaker's Revery

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Blackskin Agate

My tribe doggedly tracked the lone Mammoth through the howling blizzard...

Leopardskin Agate

I stabbed at the beast, but he knocked

 my spear to the ground.


Poppy Jasper

The enraged animal loomed above me amidst the falling snow, filling my vision...

Ohio Flint

In the aftermath, my broken, bloody

 body lay sprawling on the ground.


Nevada Jasper

As I lay dying, I gazed one last time at

 the stark beauty of my beloved homeland...

Carey Moss Agate

Then a ghostly visage of Death

 appeared to me.


Limb Cast Agate

Suddenly, a mysterious tunnel of light opened up!


Chapenite Jasper

I followed it, not knowing where it would lead.


Biggs Jasper

After a time, I emerged into a strange land.  Was that a flock of dragons I saw in the distance?

"Mystery" Jasper-Agate

The sky filled with thunder and lightning, and somehow I knew that my Final Judgement was at hand...

Bruneau Jasper

Alas, the good deeds of my life were outweighed by my sinful acts!


Graysonite Jasper

I was cast into another tunnel, this one dark and forboding.  I fell for a long time...

Durango Jasper-Agate

I found myself in the fiery Pit of Hades.  The Evil One sat on

his throne.  I wept, and my tears formed a river that

flowed deep into the earth...

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This page was inspired by Ed, aka eBay member edsneatstuff.  Ed always has an imaginative and fanciful story to tell about his cabochons.  That always kept me interested in what image and imaginings would turn up in my next stone.  Thanks for being you, Ed!



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