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The New PlanetMaster tm

The Critters Still Need Saving...

Early in 2003 I got interested in how to add sound to my VisualBasictm programs. I was having a hard time finding any useful information about that in my documentation. A friend in our IT group at work helped me out with some literature on the subject. I decided to rewrite my old 1981 PlanetMastertm program in VB, as a sound function study. Like a fat little kid with chocolate all over his face, I swiped every animal .wav file I could find on the Net and chocked that damn program so full of audio effects --screeches, barks, mewls, caws, roars, croaks, hisses, grunts, growls, bleats, and screams -- that it almost rose up and walked away. Here are some screen shots from that endeavor. Sorry, my sense of decorum requires that I not include any of the original sounds here...

Please excuse this slow-loading page; I've put way  too many large graphics here in one place.  I just can't find it in my heart to split them up.  I hope you will find it worth the wait.  If not, well...it won't be the first time I've wasted a piece of somebody's life.  The bad karma is mine alone to bear...

Click on the Help menu icons for a full-scale image, then click on the browser's "back" button to return to this page.  You can get a sense of the depth of play from reading these screens:

The Objective of Play

The Space Sanctuary Satellite

Climate and Weather

The Flora

The Fauna

Diet and Consumption


Animal Metabolism

Population Fluctuations




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